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My name is Robert Papp. Welcome to MODfolio, my modest portfolio. I've always had a passion for using computers, and I completed my MSc degree in Information Technologies — Software Engineering in 2012. I started my career as a teacher in a vocational technical school, teaching computer science courses including programming. After three years, I decided to expand my horizons, and pursue a career path closer to my degree. Starting from October 2015, I've been employed as a Junior Software Developer at Hub4Leaders (formerly known as HCSS Hub) in Macclesfield, UK. After six months, I continued to work here as a full-stack Software Developer.

My motivational force is my curious nature — my hunger for knowing more — and creating something new as a result (like this portfolio) fulfills that nature. This allowed me to be directly involved in many exciting tasks and projects.


I have moved to Manchester, United Kingdom, on 9th September 2015. However, I prefer to live close to my workplace, so I've relocated to Macclesfield.


Commercial Experience

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 3 JavaScript

Angular.JS Angular 2, 4, 5 with Angular Material TypeScript

Microsoft C# Microsoft Entity Framework Microsoft SQL Server


Modula-2 programming language Java (J2SE, Swing) J2EE (EJB3, JPA) databases (ER-modelling, MySQL)

Other Self-taught

C programming language Naked Objects Framework (now Apache Isis) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) LibreOffice Writer


  • Also started to gain experience in software-engineering / software architect skills: project lifecycle, agile methodologies, user story creation and planning, database modeling and requirements engineering
  • All commercially used skills were self-taught
  • No commercial experience regarding the university-taught skills, these are listed mostly for the sake of completeness

Papers / Textbooks

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Download the BSc thesis
XP as a Method for Agile Software Development
BSc thesis (2008)
82 pages
In Serbian
Download the MSc thesis
The Naked Objects Approach in Developing Enterprise Applications
MSc thesis (2012)
164 pages
In Serbian

MSc Term Papers

Download the term paper
RaQuest v3.1
MSc term paper (2009)
53 pages
In English
Download the term paper
MSc term paper (2009)
35 pages
In English
Download the term paper
Objects versus Components
MSc term paper (2011)
43 pages
In English
Download the term paper
Persistence in EJB3: A Practical Example
MSc term paper (2011)
57 pages
In English

Teaching Textbooks

Download the textbook (Programming in C (Theory))
Programming in C (Theory)
Year: 2015
101 pages
In Hungarian
Download the textbook (Computer Hardware)
Computer Hardware
Year: 2015
227 pages
In Serbian
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